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    Anavar w/ on cycle AI question (read first before bashing)

    Finally joined the forum because this will be my 3rd cycle in the last couple of years and even though I thought I did everything right, I still developed gyno off my last cycle of test.

    I did NOT take an AI while on the cycle, (which was probably my biggest mistake and what caused the gyno) but took everything I needed to do a full PCT properly.

    I was told by my doc that I am sensitive to the effects of estrogen, and am easily prone to getting gyno.

    I want to take a cycle of anavar (60 mg/ed) because I feel that would be the best choice for the results i'm looking for, and for what i'm looking to accomplish (not what im hear to talk about). My main concern is my sensitivity to gyno.

    Yes I know, Anavar "does not aromatise and will NOT cause gyno". Dont want to take the chance! What should I take while i'm on it to prevent any complications (name, dose, and length). Aromasin ? Nolva? Clomid?

    And do you think I should do a pct to be on the safe side?


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    goals for this cycle
    cycle history
    training history
    nutrition planned

    Oxandrolone has no estrogenic activity. There is no chance to take btw.

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