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    Question How does my PCT look for my first cycle?

    Some information about myself..

    Age: 24
    Years bodybuilding: 5
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 195
    Body fat percentage: currently 12-14% (have dieted down to 6% before)

    I have entered 2 bodybuilding comps in the past, this will be my 3rd. My first comp i placed 2nd and most recent comp i took out 1st place. This time i want to step things up. (no drug testing at this comp).

    The cycle i will be running.


    test prop 50mg ED (16 weeks)
    Masteron 50mg ED (last 8 weeks)
    Aromasin 12.5mg ED (16 weeks) (4 weeks in PCT also)
    hcg 250iu 2x per week (last 10 weeks of cycle)


    Clomid 25/25/25/25 (4 weeks)
    Unleashed/post cycle combo (4 weeks)
    Aromasin 12.5mg (4 weeks)
    DAA powder (16 weeks)
    Tribulus (16 weeks)

    Any advice would be great.


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    16 weeks of prop why not run something longer like e or c?

    Don't run aromasin through pct, however I do still like to at least stay on an anti e till end of week 1 of pct and taper off as I'm gyno prone, bump the clomid upto 50mg Ed and add nolva at 40/40/20/20. Not sure about that OTC stuff you have added, but I'm pretty sure DAA is to be used a max of 4-6 weeks with a few weeks off.

    It is usually advised to stick to 1 compound on your first cycle, also look into hcg while on cycle for a speedier recovery
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    I have just read prop is better for water retention and bloat and that is something i want to keep down being pre-comp cycle.

    I thought nova was shit for PCT now? I thought that was all old school advice to have nova in pct?

    Yup i have hcg listed above during cycle in the last 10 weeks.

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