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    Trying to get my wife pregnant with low sperm

    I got clomid, hcg , novadex ....would any of these help increase my sperm count...please guys help

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    im in the same boat man let me know if anything wrks for ya

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    It depends... Do you know the cause of why you have low sperm count? You should really see a fertility doctor.

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    Best thing to do is go see a fertility doctor as Big Ron's advice. HCG works like LH which should stimulate your testicles to produce more sperm. Again, I'm no expert so pls take my comments with care bro...

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    I'm available if you guys need some help

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    clomid x 30 days.. took mine from 100,000 to 6 million...

    good times.. but why rush things..??? just have to keep trying.. and doing it in a public place and she needs to orgasm after your seed is in there..


    have you had her thyroid t3 levels tested and reviewed by a specialist??

    and how do you know you have low sperm?? toss in a cup?? it's the only way...
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