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Thread: Pct screw up

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    Pct screw up

    Hey guys, doing the reading since I effed u. No pct after tren and test 5 week cycle
    Test levels 20
    Want to try reboot
    I am reading the p t
    Should I just run clomid and some hcg
    Since I screws up so bad
    I have a thread going in the trt forum
    Suggesting I read and get a proper pct before I start trt which is the only answer dr gave me
    I am 33 5 7 215 15%
    Most my cycles were test and tren a
    I ran tren e. was going to run a 12 to 15 week but had to stop
    Been foggy jacked up no sex drive
    The nuts Look fine.
    So I know I screwed myself since I have done several cycles and ran pct
    What would be a good starting point will post all bw later today

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    Check this thread out. For all intents and purposes, guy did the same thing. Follow the advice the guys gave him here. Don't expect to bounce right back...may be several weeks to several months. You're shut down HARD man. To summarize the thread....start PCT with serms...nolva/clomid and blast hcg for one week. But read that thread. Good luck dude. Please keep us posted.

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    Thanks brotha !

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