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    Opinions Blacklion Research - Formeron

    G'day everyone,

    I have been researching and reading around as I'm trying to educate myself as much as possible before my first cycle.

    On my little browsing adventure this morning I have stumbled across someone talking about something I never heard of before "Blacklion Research - Formeron"

    I was just curious what people's opinion on this product are and if anyone has used it. If you google it I'm sure you'll find it straight up I don't wanna post on here the supplement shop that I read about it as I don't wanna get done for advertising.

    Seeing as this is available over the counter type stuff I was just curious if its the goods or don't waste my time with it and just get a different AI.

    I have seen someone get a lil cranky at another forum member for suggesting an over the counter product for a pct for a illegal substance.

    Just wanting to know what other people's opinions are.

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    Formeron is a suicidal aromatase inhibitor.
    Its transdermal Formestane. Formestane WAS a medication prior to Exemestane (aromasin )
    Formestane has the same action and potency as exemestane.
    In addition it is also anabolic as its a mild prohormone to hydroxytestosterone.

    Ive been using Formestane transdermal for years. Its as good or better than prescription options.

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