ht- 6 3
wt-212 as of this morning
bf-guesstimate 13 percent
years training seriously- 6
cycle history- 2- test prop 50mg eod 8 weeks; test prop 75mg ed 8 weeks
1st pct- tamox- 40/40/20/20; clomid- 50/50/50/50 recovery sucked but i assume its because i didnt run an ai;my first cycle
2nd pct-tamox-40/40/30/20/20; torem-120/120/60/60/30 recovery was a little better ran arm at .5 eod
no HCG was ran on either cycle will prolly run it through out my next cycle whenever that will be i assume recovery will be much much better when i run HCG
now a little background on me i am bi-polar that is why i like prop it clears fast so if any problems arise that is also why my first cycle was at a low dosage to feel it out i have had no problems during cycle and during pct i get some mild depression but nothing i cant handle
now to my question i have been doing a little reading on GNRH analogs i couldnt find much info on factrel i have read admin sub q no dosages listed but have read in cattle 100mcg IM also read in males FSH and LH increased for the first 4 days then started on the decline no dosage where listed on that study which i found odd anyone have info on admin of factrel in pct? is triptorelin a better option if i wanted to incorp into pct? i know gnrh interact with clomid but i wasnt fond of clomid i am however a fan of torem which i will be using from now on i would like peoples opinions on factrel or triptorelin and if it helped with recovery i dont plan on using a GNRH in my next cycle i am going to try HCG and see if that makes recovery a bit better which i assume it will since its pretty much a must have in a cycle now just curious on GNRH's and if they made recovery easier. i do not take anything anymore was on some harsh prescritions for 8 years and to be honest besides the fact of insomnia some nights i feel much better off of them been off of them for a while now my last cycle was the first cycle off of them and it went fine and pct seemed much better than my first cycle but i assume that because i ran an ai

my next cycle would be
1-8 test prop 125mg eod
1-6 winny 50mg
2-8 HCG 250iu 2/week
1-8 Armidex .5 EOD
PCT-3 days after last shot

not planning on running this for a while but if all goes well pct should be much easier with the HCG