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Thread: HCG help!

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    HCG help!

    Hi all!

    I need help with HCG !
    I did a long test e cycle 500mg/week and got great results but i need help takeing HCG because on previous cycles i haven't used HCG so this is the first time!

    My cycle ends next week and i have about 25000iu of HCG all together
    I have two vials in the package, one vial contains the water and other vial the powder. now i know that i have to mix the water with powder and then draw the mix but one vial of powder contains 5000iu of HCG so once i draw it i have to inject the whole 5000iu because i cant draw half and keep the vial open.. right..?
    And i was told that one week after last injection i would start takeing HCG once a week. 5000iu/week, i mean do the whole shot! so since i have 5 of them it would meen 5 weeks and 5000iu a week.

    My pct also containes nolvadex ! that i will start takeing right after the last injection of test.
    During my cycle i have never used any Anti-E. i just havent needed it!

    Now does that seem like OK?

    Thank you everybody who took the time to read and answer!
    Dont be too harsh! :P

    Aanother question: maybe it is OK to use the empty test e bottle as a sterile bottle to hold the mixxed powder so i can draw as much as i need?
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    I'll try to help a little. I'll assume you got ampules of hGC and water rather than vials. If so, you then will need a sterile empty vial to work with so you don't have to inject all of the reconstituted hCG at once. Some ampules are scored at the top and you just break the top off to access the contents. Others are not scored, so you need to score them with a small file so that the top breaks off easily. Ampules are a "pain"...try to get hCG in vials next time around. Much easier to work with.

    I guess you can use and empty test-e vial to work with if you can't easily find a new empty sterile vial.

    So, you are gonna open the hCG and water ampules, gently mix the contents, then inject (using sterile "pin") the solution into an empty vial. Then keep refridgerated and dark and use as needed.

    Are you OK with the measurements of water to powder to get the strength of solution that you want to work with??

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    You need to get a sterile empty vial to constitute your hcg and some bac water. Using back water your hcg won't loose any potency for 60 days stored in the fridge. I believe the water you got with your hcg is for one time use?

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    can i get sterile epty vial and bac water from the pharmacy? yes the water i have is for one time use i think because it has 1ml of water inside.

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