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    Exclamation 21, Low Test After PCT

    I am about to finish PCT for my cycle and I had my total testosterone checked with blood work. The results came in at 368. The reference range was 348-1197 ng/dl. Ouch. I've been feeling awful, and I have all of the common symptoms of low-T (not surprisingly). I don't want to jump the gun with a quick fix, but I really can't take feeling like this much longer. I was considering trying to get on TRT or self-medicate. How long could I have low T before my levels recover, or will they even recover?

    Age: 21
    (I know, too young, but no one could've told me otherwise)

    My cycle:

    1-12 weeks: Test-C 600mg
    2-10 weeks: Deca 400mg
    1-4 weeks: Dbol 50mg ed

    AI: as needed through cycle

    PCT: Nolva 40/40/20/20 ed, 2 weeks after last pin of Test-C
    Tribulus ed
    (No hcg was used)

    Also, this is my third cycle and I have never had this much trouble recovering before. It's been 6 weeks since my last pin. I don't want to **** myself by not giving my body enough time to recover, but I can't wait around for months like this in this condition. Any advice would be helpful, I'm in a bind.

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    You should get bloodwork in pct. You should wait around 6 weeks after pct finishes to get it done.

    Not sure how you determined when an AI was needed on cycle unless you were getting bloodwork done?

    You should have used HCG during cycle and clomid in pct, they would have helped. Waiting til 25 might have helped too to allow your natural hormone levels stabilise. Maybe/hopefully this will be a wake up call for you.

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    Follow B in B's advice you do not want to be on trt if you can avoid it. Pinning once ew fir the rest of your life only to have tv levels maybe lower than what you can still produce natty doesn't sound like a very good idea . Your total t is in the lower end normal range so with more time to recover that number should come up. It takes some people as long as 6 months to fully recover

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    Thank you both for the feedback! I will probably try waiting this out then and hope my levels recover in a few months. To answer Back in Black, I used the AI if felt I was moody or showed/felt signs of estrogen build up. I heard a lot of advocating for Clomid and Nolva, but no answers on why people prefer one over the other, so I opted for Nolva. I have also heard some forums insist on HCG during a cycle, others for pct, and still others who say they don't use hcg in their pct. I know everyone's different and there isn't a lot of proven medical knowledge on this stuff, but with different communities with conflicting opinions it can be a guessing game (at least for me). I appreciate both of your responses though, and I will try to wait a little longer and get more blood work to see where I'm at.

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