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    PCT kinda ****ed (What to do 10 weeks out)

    So i was around 14stone 9 after i finished my Androgen 600 cycle of 0.5ml every other day.
    I then switched to 1 rip for 40 days, which i went to 13stone 2.
    I decided to come off the gear completely with Tamoxifen and HCH
    Ive taken the tamoxifen for 2 weeks and 1 weeks worth HCG , but im 12stone 9 and losing size FAST!
    My test has just dropped i beleive, and im 10 weeks out of an IFBB pro competition in September
    So i have to stay low carbs which results in muscle loss
    So my plan is to run test 400 and 0.5ml every other day for 6 weeks, and run 1500iu of HCG during the 6 weeks,
    then straight on to tamoxifen and HCG...

    I know its bad going from gear to PCT and then back to gear, but i have 10 week and the way im going
    if i stay of the gear, there aint no ****ing point competing at the rate im losing size :/

    Body fat is really low, just my lower abs i need to lose a little more.

    My diet is really strict, and im just wondering if this will **** me up?
    As i said its only 2 weeks of tamoxifen... so im hoping its not to late to go back on test for 6 more weeks... ?

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    why are you coming off gear 10 weeks out of a competition?

    No gear = no win.

    Why did you time your cycle like this?

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    I think you have timed your cycle wrong. You know the risks with staying on longer. You don't really have time to recover. You either need to stay on a cruise or come off to let yourself recover. The longer you stay on though the more risk of not recovering. At 18 you shouldn't be cycling at all. I suggest you come off and do a proper pct

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