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    why is HCG considered illegal but clomid, nolva not?

    I have been running cycles without hcg . I'm not asking for a source but I can't find where to get it and my sourse sells 500o ius for 300 bucks. The crazy thing is he is telling me to to a 10 day pct with hcg of 10 ius a day only. Huh????? I'ts no way i'm spending 300 bucks on hcg especially when he is giving me a protocol like that. just need to know if there are research chem sites that sell hcg as ar-r doesnt

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    HCG is completely legal. In order to obtain it from a pharmacy you need a prescription from a physician. A research chemical site will not sell hCG. As of January 2007, it is legal to import prescription drugs from other countries as long as you provide them with a legal US prescription. Not all pharmacies in other countries require a prescription for purchase and shipment to the US. HCG is repressive to natural LH production. So it should be used on cycle, dosed at 250IU 2X a week, and not during PCT. Your dealer has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to PCT, and he is trying to overcharge you by about 1500%.

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    Kaiser will prescribe HCG . You just better have a damn good reason.

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    It's really not that difficult to find at an acceptable price.

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