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Thread: pct after 12 weeks of test e

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    pct after 12 weeks of test e

    Hello guys.

    I took teste for 12 weeks,( 500mg/wk)
    im supposed to take my pct 2 weeks after my last shot which is 2 days from now.

    My concern is that 10 weeks in my cycle my face was overtaken by acne. But now its starting to calm down because of the antibiotics the dermatologist gave me. (Tetralysal-lymecycline, for 14 days. Last day 2 days from now.. (2 yrs ago when i did not do any pct this is what he gave me and it did the job)

    And so. My concern is that if ever i will take nolva 20/20/20/20 and clomid 50/50/50/50 will it result in more acne because Based on the ones ive read they said they experienced acne much worse during pct because of the two?..

    Please help.

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    No one can give you a definitive answer to your question because everyone reacts to nolva/clomid differently. Your PCT dosages are a bit off. Both nolva and clomid should be front loaded during the first week. You should read the thread attached below for an example.

    My First Cycle: Planning and Executing a Successful First Cycle
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    More than likely you are going to have acne during your pct until your hormone levels balance out again. Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 Clomid 100/50/50/50 would be a better pct in my opinion

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    Hard to say how you will respond , Both above posts are correct. The main thing seems to be the fluctuations of hormone levels.

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    Some people break out on cycle, some in PCT, some have acne all the time, others have none. It's all individual.

    Adhere to good skin hygiene, get a facial, consult your derma, etc etc to help you minimize acne...

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    Thank you everyone.. lets see what will happen.. also. I just want to know, for those who are taking it in the mornings and experience the severe headache. How long does it usually last?how many hours? For my first day it was giving me hell the first 16 hours. And then it was a bit ok the day after which is why im going to just take it during the night.

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