Hey everyone, hoping you are able to share some wisdom.

I started with test prop for 2 weeks 300mg p/w
Then went to TNT 400 wud take 1.5cc 2x weekly. Took for 4 weeks.
Tren acetate 50ml daily & test enath 300 weekly. For 4 weeks.
Done tren, have my last 2 shots of enanthate and then I'm ending off with test prop.

I started the HGH almost 2 months ago or so. I have done almost 2 1/2 kits so far. 10-10iu bottles 5iu daily.

Someone was telling me that I don't need to do PCT because I am taking HGH. Was wondering if that's true.
Also should I totally cycle off or just run really really low dose of test while continuing HGH?

If I cycle off, how long should I wait before next cycle?

I was also planning on running HGH for at least 6 kits.or for a year.

I have a friend who has done this stuff for many years. I get most of my advice from him. Some things he says makes me want to find out more on my own. I also know everyone's different and something may be okay for him and may be bad for me. So I figured I would come here so I don't cause unnecessary damage to myself.

Thank you!