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    How long after PCT to feel normal?

    hey guys, I finished my PCT about a week ago, and it my symptoms seem to be pretty shitty these last few weeks. I got bloods this week and my test is around 800 but my estradiol sensitive is low at 12 and I have all the low estro symptoms, but they've been more noticeable this week since I stopped serms.

    I'm getting crazy hot flashes where my skin turns red everywhere, light headed, crazy dehydrated peeing twice for every on time I drink something, shitty erections etc.

    Just wondering how long after finishing PCT do you guys feel normal. I'm hoping in another 4-6 weeks the SERMS should be out of me and as my estrogen comes up I should feel human once more.

    LABS 3 days after last Torem dose
    Total Test 783
    Free test 12(9-21)
    Estradiol sensitive 12(3-70) I think this I why I have been feeling so crappy, I have all the low E symptoms
    LH 7.3 (1-8)
    FSH 7.8
    SHBG 60 H (15-51)
    everything else was normal

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    6-8 weeks....

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    Depends on what you consider normal

    2 months sounds fair for most

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