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    First cycle and need pct help

    33 yrs old, 5'7 175# running first cycle test cyp only , 250 mg twice a wk for 10 wks, arimidex is on hand in case and 14 days after last pin my pct is Nolvadex 60 mg first dose then 40 mg for the rest of 2 wks then drop to 20 mg for 2 wks, my problem is my guy don't have any clomid on hand which I was planning to run during pct and says I won't need it anyway being a test only cycle, will I be ok with just Nolva or do I need to get clomid to run with it? Also should I automatically start arimidex right away or should I wait and use only if I begin to get Gyno symptoms? Opinions would be a lot of help and greatly appreciated!

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    You should run your AI already not keeping it for in case. In case of what?

    You don't mention HCG ?

    Yes clomid too. Me ver start a cycle without having everything to hand. He is telling you that you don't need it because he doesn't sell it. You can get it from Ar-r at the top right of your screen.

    Read this it will explain alot

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    i think you should stick up with nolva and clomid since they are both important and each one has a different working part on the body.
    good luck

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