I am looking for advice for my tren Hex/Test e/Var PCT. Looking for advice from those with real understanding and knowledge about this stuff.

week 1-10 test e 100mg/w
week 2-8 Tren Hex 100-150 mg/w
week 1-3 Var 40 mg/d
week 1-8 aromasin 0.5mg/d
week 1-8 proviron 50 mg/d

PCT 10 days after last test E pinning

week 1-4 Novaldex 40/40/20/20 mg/d
week 1-4 Clomid 150/100/50/50 mg/d

Ok so here is my questions

do I need to hcg after last pinning of test ,before pct start?
Since I am doing tren, do I need Prami or Caber on hand also.

This is my 3rd cycle. first 2 being test p and dbol . last one being test e solo. I am aware of the differences that exist with the type of tren, but I don't want to pin eod .

My stats
lift multiple years
195 lbs
15% bf
workout 6 days a week
clean diet
decent sleep schedule