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    Exclamation need help asap!!

    hi 21 years old, started first cycle of sustonan 250, was injecting once a week every Monday an ended up stopping on the 5th pin because of reasons. the pct I have my hands on are clomid, but the stuff ive been reading on it is really scaring me. was thinking about goin to doc for questions I have but figured id ask around here to guys that have actually fooled around with it. please no b.s. just need some help. any ways, questions are
    *do I really need to start a pct for such little of a dosage an ending it halfway through cycle or can I get back to normal naturally?
    *how long should it take for me to get back to normal naturally?
    *if I should take clomid, how should I take it( mg wise an on what days, for how many days ect.)
    again thankyou so much

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    *YES I believe your nat test shutdown and your balls are shrunk rite now
    *No PCT Up to 12 months to fully recover hopefully although everyone's body is different
    *Good Stickey threads here

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    Jesus, are nobody smart enough to read?

    When you add a tiny bit of foreign hormones into your body, it starts to shut down your natural productions. So yes, pct is needed. You been on for 5 weeks.

    Take the clomid 100/100/50/50, if you can get nolvadex take it 40/40/20/20.

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    Well like a typical 21yr old you didnt thing things through and your going down the same path now considering not running a full PCT and tell your doctor you have been taking a Scheduled III drug. Good luck getting any meaning full job in the future or proper health insurance.

    OK YES you need to run a proper PCT as stated above.
    NO, dont tell your doctor unless you want it to be part of your permanent record for the rest of your life.
    If you want to believe your information will go no further than between you and your doctor then I have some ocean front property in Arizona you might be interested in purchasing. Dont be a moron...

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