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    Some clarification on first cycle/pct

    Hey guys,

    I've been browsing these forums for quite some time now. Finally think I'm ready to begin my first cycle after seriously weighing my reasons. Some background: I've been working out since I was 16 - very consistent throughout high school, not so much thru college until my final year. But this past year I've made serious lifestyle changes. My diet is in check, I eat very clean (organic whole foods), and spare no expense for quality here. Every morning I detox and fast, begin feeding around 3-4pm is best for me, minus my pre workout and whey protein which is about an hr pwo. My training has dramatically changed as well. I used to do more of a bodybuilding style, but have really simplified things. Basically goes chest - legs - back - delts/arms -legs again. Higher reps, short intense sessions.

    My problem and main reason (I have many reasons but this is a lengthy post and I don't want to write a novel) is I want to be able to do more. I like to workout every day, at least to some degree, and not only do I get burned out, but I feel like my body simply can't digest and assimilate the extra food in order to grow. Especially since I prefer to fast during the day so Im consuming all my calories from ~4-10pm. If I don't, and i eat more frequently, not only do I feel tired, sluggish and cognitively impaired, but I lose my appetite completely.

    My stats: I'm 24 years old. about 6'1 180 pounds, very lean, can't provide an accurate bf% as I've never been tested (I've always been quite "light," a lot lighter than I think I look, idk small joints or something).

    I got some testoviron (test e) I'm planning on running a 12 week (250mg, 2x/week) cycle. I honestly want to keep everything as basic and only as necessary as possible, meaning I don't want to be taking many supplemental substances. I don't want to run hcg on cycle, nor do I want to run arimidex , altho I did get my hands on both just in case. I also have clomid and nolva. I want to run both clomid and nolva pct, no AI, no hCG preceding my pct etc. My questions are the dosing and routine for my pct. Ive read a lot of different approaches and want to know what is best for my beginner/moderate cycle? Originally I just wanted to do one and try the other next time around, but now I think I want to use them both. I read about people alternating clomid/nolva week to week, or even day to day? Any suggestions on the most non-bs simple but effective way to go? I feel like with stickies and guides I've read it seems quite generalized, so I'm also uncertain about dosage. For example, there seems to be a range in dosage from what I've gathered (e.g., for clomid, some say begin pct at 150mg, others 100mg, etc).

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated

    sorry for the long ass post I always think some background info is good hehe
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