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    Didn't do my research.

    This is my first cycle. I jumped in with out doing any research. I was just going off what a friend of mine was doing. For the last 5 days I have been reading things on this forum for hours everyday, but I'm already 4 week into my cycle. Not really much of a cycle tho, more like TRT. So here is my screw up. I'm taking testoviron depot 250mg/1ml. Once a week for 6 weeks. Then I was gonna finish with sustanon 250 for 2 more weeks. Total of 8 weeks, then finish the rest of the sustanon on my next cycle. But after my recent research I will not be taking the sustanon, as it is not wise for a first cycle or second for that. With that said I am going to finish the testoviron. I'm 6' /weight 250/ 20-25%bf. I know now that I have to much bf, and my doses are to low any way. I haven't had any side effects so I don't think I need any AI's. But if gyno starts I now know what I need to take. What I really need to know is my pct. Do I need to take the clomid and nolva doses the same as if I had done a stronger cycle or have I done enough to even bother. I know I have screwed up and need to continue to do my homework and lose weight before I try this again. I just want to make sure I get everything back to normal after this. Thanks for the help. 33 years old also.

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    You should immediately stop your cycle until you read more and plan properly.

    You should be taking .25mg of Adex ever second day regardless of gyno symptoms.
    As well as HCG through out your cycle.

    Also for PCT you will still need a full PCT. So both Clomid and Nolvadex .

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    Full pct bro you shrunk your balls for fun you won't get any gains of 250 a week sorry to here bro

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    2 weeks after your final injection start a full pct, as has been stated.
    Nolva- 40/20/20/20
    In the future never start any cycle without having all your compounds on hand. Also as has been stated you should be running an ai to manage estrogen while on cycle and HCG to maintain leydig cell function in the testis. So you need to have your cycle, your ai, your hcg, and your pct compounds all on hand before starting anything in the future.

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