Finished my pct week of March 9 and just recently started to have some problems with my libido and erections holding up. My stack was as the following:
Test cyp 250 x 2 wk
Deca 125 x 2 wk
Hcg 250 x 2 wk
Arimidex .25mg eod

I ran test for 12 wk and deca for 10 wk and AI for 14 weeks. I started my pct 14 days after last pin.

Clomid 75/50/50/50
Nolvadex 40/20/20/20

This is my 3 cycle in 3 years, always waiting at least 20-30 weeks at a min between cycles. (Most of the time longer).

I never got bw,, ( I know, not smart)
Went to the doc for physical and apparently my psa level have spiked a bit. 2.2 now compaired to .78 18 months ago. 2.2 is still in the norm range but was wondering if the cycle might have something to do with the spike. I know test can make your prostate become inlarged so I was wondering if there was a connection. The doc also but my on Cypriot because of a possible UTI. Is it possible I still haven't fully recovered from my cycle and it just going to take some more time to get back on track?? I also had the doc test my testosterone levels at my recent physical and they came back at 649. I'm 43 years old. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks