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    clomid and estrogen

    wondering what clomid does to e2.. tried low dose clomid for hrt before running this cycle im on now and wondering if that has either caused high e2 or low e2 few weeks into cycle. stopped the clomid days before starting cycle. getting bloods done in 2 days , just trying to figure it out. getting morning wood daily and by night time no libido. morning woods making me think lower e2. night time lack of libido and sore muscles making me think high e2.

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    According to this study of 36 hypogonadal men receiving 25 mg of clomid daily for 4-6 weeks had their average e2 levels rise by 44.9%. However, one's libido has a direct correlation with their test/e2 ratio. The subjects in the study had an average test level increase 146.4%. This means their test/e2 ratio improved. Would have been interesting to see your BW before and after clomid treatment.

    test at baseline 247.6 39.8 ng/dL
    test at follow up 610 178.6 ng/dL
    change in test level 146.4%
    e2 at baseline 32.3 10.9 ng/dL
    e2 at follow-up visit 46.3 16.6 ng/dL
    change in e2 level 44.9%
    t/e2 ratio at baseline 8.7 3.5
    t/e2 ratio at follow-up visit 14.2 5.1
    change in t/e2 ratio 60.9%

    Clomiphene Citrate Effects on Testosterone/Estrogen Ratio in Male Hypogonadism

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