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    Starting HCG Week 3 of 12 Week Cyp/Dbol Cycle?

    I'm going to have 10000iu and running a 12-week cycle at 250 mg Cyp pins every 3 days (avg about 580/week) and 4 weeks of DBol at 30 mg. My HCG got delayed and won't be here until about 2-3 weeks in. I probably should've waited but I didn't and now am wondering if I should change the 250 iu twice a week through week 14 I had planned since I started late. I figured with Cyp it isn't too bad because of the half life. Haven't really noticed any shrinkage yet and I'm 4 pins in. Thanks!

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    Start it when you get it and run it up until 3 days before PCT. hopefully you have everything else to hand.

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