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    HCG Question (Not answered in FAQ)

    Hey guys -

    Starting my PCT next week and just picked up some HCG to aid with the PCT process. I read over the FAQ but this part doesn't seem to be talked about.


    As it is an insulin needle, where and how do you inject? I've heard many different responses so just want to ensure I am doing this properly.

    Also, if I have one vial of powered HCG, and one vial of bacteriostatic water, once I add 1ml of bacteriostatic water to the powdered HCG, do I just shake it up until a certain amount of the powder dilutes into the water and then extract the 1ml of liquid into the syringe?

    Little confused with this...much more complicated then just drawing from a vial lol

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    You don't use HCG during PCt you use it on cycle. I'm guessing it's too late for that?

    Here are your answers for future reference.

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    Inject in lower belly inject sideways, normally I throw that 1ml bac water away and buy more bac water for a larger mix.dont shake after powder is applied put vile between fingers and roll it softly side to side until powder is gone you should see no bubling

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