So I ran my sarms cycle from November 20th to January 20th
I was taking;
• LGD 4033
• RAD 140
• Nutrobal (MK-677)
• MK-2866

I was supposed to start my HCG injections 2 weeks prior to finishing the cycle but I didn't.. as I began travelling and couldn't bring any of this stuff across the boarder.. It's also been a month now that I haven't taken any PCT products.
So at this point I'm planning to start my PCT with Nolvadex 33mg/ml & Chlomid 33mg/ml
I got these from dr. Tony huge

Tony didn't reply to me when I send him an email off his website

But I'm guessing that the PCT goes something like this...
4 weeks in total PCT
Clomid - 50mg each day first 2 weeks and 25mg last 2 weeks
Nova - 40mg first 2 weeks and 20mg last 2 weeks

Since I'm using a 30ml amber bottle with dropper cap this means that a fully loaded dropper cap holds 1ml (30mg) which means I need around 1 and a half of those.

Can you guys verify if my calculations are correct... also I'm assuming its too late to go on ECG, and best to not do it in PCT