I recently came off a cycle and started using MK677 toward the end of my cycle @25mg/day, before bed, all the way into PCT. I havent lost any weight whatsoever.

I used the standard PCT protocol Clomid +Nolva for 4 weeks. The last week of PCT I actually ran out of Nolva
(I had liquid Nolva and either overdosed somehow, or it was underfilled, I suspect the later.) Either way, I finished the PCT meds a week ago and I actually upped the MK677, and I'm gaining a little weight. My diet has not been the cleanest but I still have a rough outline of a 6 pack. I suspect the weight gain is water. I'm getting the tingly feet and hands in the mornings or if I lay down for a long time.

Overall I would say adding MK677 to PCT is helpful. I guess the real test will be seeing what happens after I stop taking the MK677, which I plan to do in a couple weeks after I get bloods ( I want to see if IGF level are up and also check my test levels of course.) My last cycle I lost weight almost immediately after starting PCT, it was mostly due to water retention but it sure did happen quickly.

I'll bump this thread when I get more info, but if anybody else has experience with MK677 during PCT I'm curious to hear how it went for you.