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    Pct for my frustrated friend.

    I am a personal trainer (24 yo) and I train people for fat loss and muscle building. I have never used AAS or gained much knowledge or experience of the same.

    However, one of my new clients is asking for help with his pct. He was misled by his previous trainers and regret using AAS.
    This is all I got to know from him

    2016 July:-


    1ml each, 4 weeks. NO PCT Done.

    In 2017 January

    & TEST P

    "4 shots each before finally dropping everything in the bin. " (the way he said it)

    I am unsure as to what should I suggest him, as I can only design a good workout program and diet plan , but not a PCT plan without any knowledge.

    All he is asking from me is, what pct should he get before starting training with me. Confused

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    HCG for 10 days: 1000ui EOD
    3 days after HCG start SERMs, tamoxifen and clomiphene combo for 4 weeks
    Week 1: 75 Clom, 40 tamox
    Week 2, 3 and 4: 50 clom, 20 tamox. This are per day dosages.

    Bloodwork 6 weeks after finishing protocol

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    Thanks. Appreciate your response. I lost that client to some local bodybuilder who sold him with $$ of other drugs
    Aah good times. I wonder where is he now in life.

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