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    need some help please.

    hi guys

    need some help to know if i need a pct.
    i started a cycle of anavar and test 2, been on var 50mg for 12days and one dose of teste at 300 just. decided this isnt for me as i have started to notice some side effects as ed, it could all be in my head but over all for me personally i realise its not worth it. a personal trainer said that i wouldnt need to bother with a pct but with reading alot on line it says to take wither clomid or nolva?

    3months ago i finished a cycle of pro hormome maxdrol for 7weeks which i did not take pct also as i was tolf by the guy in store that its not needed just a test booster which i took.

    i know now by reading alot more around steriods i never should have started as my knowledge is so limited and im ignorant off all the facts.

    im 26years old, 185lb, bf 16%ish

    please just abit off help so i dont casue any damage or further damage already caused.

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    U dont need pct. If u have damaged yourself, a pct will not help. Pct is just a way of slowing donw roidcaused musclegains.
    Do a bloodtest in 4 months. Look for total test and compare with the online Average Hormone Levels by Age.
    Then u will find out.
    Pct will forsure increase levels but when u quit all help ends.

    Im 90% sure u are ok. The PEDs may have dopped u a bit, like 30 points or something, but it will be hardly noticeable.

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    Thanks Silabolin, much appreciated advice.

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    Yeah var is pretty safe. They give it to people with cancer. Get some blood work done in a couple of months to make sure you aren't stuck in a negative feedback loop where your test is getting converted into estrogen.

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