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    Quitting Cycle After 3 Injections

    Age: 24
    500 mg test e4d (mon/thurs)

    First week I was just flushing red with hot flashes and so on and at last pin this monday I blew up becoming all flabby everywhere and it's just too much and I can't eat I usually down around 200g carbs with zero bloating/retention a day but now I haven't even touched them. Even in first WEEK I was good but after this SUB Q water retention bullshit I even struggle getting it up.

    I began a 500mg ew cycle of test e first ever and last pin was this monday for 250 mg. Not having run an AI until sunday I blew up with ridicilous SUB Q retention and I wasn't feeling good at all. Especially even around neck, throat but overall everywhere. Been running AI for 4 days now at 0,50 the last 3 but this isn't ideal for me I want out can't be looking like a pig. The next second I eat something my body just blows up with this retention can it be due to allowing aromatization/E2 roam freely for a week? Just during this time my testes has taken a siesta I'm afraid it seems like.

    I need help with getting this correct for this situation. Can I start running HCG at 500 ui/e3d and stay on some AI before starting PCT with Clomid/Nolva in 21 days or do I wait longer?

    Do I continue with Clomid even in 4th PCT WEEK?

    Week 1: 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva ED
    Week 2: 50mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva ED
    Week 3: 50mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva ED
    Week 4: 20mg Nolva ED

    I'm grateful with any advice I can get.
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    that's weird. did you get legit gear? maybee allergic to the oil? 3 shots in I wouldn't even worry about taking a ai as that stuff aint even made your natural test shut down yet. I would just stop the test and see how you feel. sounds like a allergic reaction bro. hows the injection site look? make sure its not red and irritated, if a fever comes on you gotta go get some antibiotics

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