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    Is Clomid enough for Tbol Only ?

    Hi all

    I know I most likely be slaughtered for doing a oral only cycle but as it was my 1st Cycle I decided to just try it as I was thinking about doing a Test E with Tbol to end the cycle and wanted to see what affects Tbol had on me.

    I took 60mg 1-4 weeks
    80mg for 4-6 weeks.

    I was in Caloric Surplus eating 3500cals a day put on about 18lb no water(good thing about Tbol) but a tiny bit of fat. Overall the gains were moderate defiantly more muscular. Anyway I am coming to end of my Cycle as I only have 5 days left. I am not feeling shutdown but my plan is PCT for 4 weeks, might be over the top but better safe than sorry.

    From the research I got most say you only need either Nolva or Clomid not both and some say take both.

    Unfortunately I only have Clomid but I feel 100/50/50/50 will be fine. Any Opinions ? Even people calling me a idiot for no test as base

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    u need to make in any case a PCT, and you did cycle with no test base, why?

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    Did you at least use hcg during this cycle?

    And yeah, you could to a PCT with just nolva or clomid,
    same as if you did a test cycle, or any other cycle.

    You can expect to get 100% shutdown with that amount of tbol.
    And I dare say some of what you gained was water.

    Doesn't really help much now anyways,
    you've done it and you only got clomid,
    so clomid it is then.

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