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    post cycle trt question???

    Hey guys just wanted to ask a question my therapy is over and I was told to do 50ius of hcg for 10 days
    and 2 50mg clomis twice a day for for 15 days.
    cycle was 200mg cypionate a week with 25 ius of hcg twice a week with anastrazol twice a week .5mg for 12 weeks
    haven't taken any test for 3 weeks today i started my pct is this ok for pct
    thisv was my first trt cycle btw and just checking

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    Damn BR. Ton of mistakes there. 200 mgs cyp per week is basically a high end hormone replacement dose so you basically shut yourself down for a replacement dose of testosterone , or a little bit higher. No doubt you also crushed your estrogen level as that's way to much adex for that dose of test.
    Regardless, you're still shut down and need a pct to restore hormone levels.

    What do you mean "first TRT cycle?" If you legitimately need TRT you don't cycle it.

    Take a look at the Successful First Cycle thread at the top of the AAS Q & A Forum and follow the pct outlined in it.
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