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    Pct when too start and doses


    Well I've been on a dbol , test e, tren a/e cycle and I'm getting closer too the end now so really need too figure out my pct.. of got stocked up with my clomid and nolvadex .

    My cycle started of first 5 weeks dbol 30mg and test e 2ml (500mg) I started tren ace on the third at 3ml a week (300mg) which at this time I knocked the test down too 1ml a week.

    I stop the dbol at week 5 and carried on the 1ml test e and 3ml tren ace up until week 8, in which I ran out of tren ace and could only get tren e (also felt my libido dropping so up my test) so I switched too that and took test e 2ml and tren e 1ml a week up until week 13 (where I'm at now).

    I know it was abit of a messy cycle but that's how it worked out, next time I will be more prepared!

    So I'm think I'm going too carry on both test e and tren e too week 15 and know I will be needing too start my pct very soon, so my question is when do I start my clomid and nolva at what doses and how long for?

    I haven't actually done pcts before so new too me tbh

    Appreciate any advice

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    You need to stop your tren 2 weeks before you stop test.

    If you haven't been using HCG get second and start pinning 250ius twice a week and stop 3 days before your PCT starts

    PCT starts 14 days after last pin of test e

    Clomid 75/50/50/50
    Nolva 40/20/20/20/0/20

    Hopefully your 'messy' cycle will be a lesson for next time to have everything to hand before you start.

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    Back in Black, could you message me I would like to ask you a few questions, however as I am new I cant message first.

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