Just finished up a short 8 week cycle of test and tren .
Week 1-8
Test prop-100mg ED
Tren Ace-75mg ED
PCT 3 days after last injection
Week 1-4
Clomid- 100/75/50/25
I am currently at the end of week 2 in pct with libido issues ever since I came off cycle as most people do. I tried cialis with no luck maintaining an erection during sex. I can get hard and masturbate but sex it goes limp. I am guessing the imbalance of hormones is lessening the connection between my brain and dick during sex. It's frustrating to me and my girl. I currently have no health insurance so doctors visits are last on my list as well as bloodwork. I realize most people suffer from ED while on PCT, Should I alter my pct dosages or eliminate one or the other to help lessen the low libido? Anything to help the situation?