Hey there
I'm the 18 year old that cycled at 5'5
I have went from 140 w creatine water weight to 165 and 5'7 somehow w/o creatine
I am very satisfied with my cycle and am not going to touch another AAS or anything until im minimum 25
I have a few questions
I have 8000IU of HCG on hand
I have letrozole tons
tons of dutasteride and finasteride
I have nolvadex and clomid
I know I shouldnt of cycled this early but I am satisfied w my results and I have not lost anything and have had no side effects except water weight and sweating and feeling a little shitty sometimes
Hard boners
I took aromasin 12.5 mg ED
So I wanna maximize the chance of my growth plates not closing because I took aromasin and
they're obviously still open because i went from 5'5 to 5'7
My Dads 5'10 my moms 4'11
My questions?
1. Would a Clomid only 50mg ED 4 week work ?
2. I ran hcg 250mg administered w 250mg test e twice a week, so do I need hcg or does my leydig cells need to be clear of the leuitinizing hormone from the hcg to start making its own again?
3. Do I still run finasteride ? I dont wanna tbh but think I should run it for like another month?
4. So I wait 2 weeks from the 20th which is my 3rd month or 12 week end
5. Do i take any anti estrogens during this time, I only have like 40mg of aromasin left but a lot of letrozole... dosed 2.5 mg a pill , I can try getting 1:4 of that ?
6. How long does it take to get rid of this water weight my stomach feels pregnant and bloated?
7. How do i keep maximum gains ? Keep eating same calories and protein ?
8. Any other tips? Do i take creatine bcaas glutamine