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    coming off trt after nearly 2 years..

    So I have been on test cyp since december 2015, with doses fluctuating between 100-200mg/week. Added in deca , eq, tbol occasionally at low doses, but havent used anything but test since march 2017. anyway, i'm going to come off for a bit to see how i feel and how my body functions after a proper restart protocol. I never did really get trt dialed in properly so would almost prefer to just remain off altogether if possible.

    My last injection was 30mg test cyp on 10/4/17 (have been doing 30mg eod)

    My plan was to start the pct protocol on 10/11/17, but my hcg prescription was delayed and wont be available by then. So would it be ok if i started nolvadex at 20mg per day and then add in the hcg once it arrives, or just wait and start the nolva only once the hcg has arrived? I plan to add in clomid with the nolva once Ive finished running my hcg (10,000iu total over 3 week period).

    cliffs: will it hurt to run nolvadex for about 1 week before I start using hcg?

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