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Thread: Went off HCG too soon?

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    Went off HCG too soon?


    I recently did my first cycle at 300mg testosterone enanthate for 10 weeks.

    I started 20mg nolvadex everyday 1 week after the last injection, and HCG 9 days after my last injection. I broke the ampoule and had to get a new set, which is why I started HCG at a suboptimal time.

    I ran HCG for 1 week at 5000 IU in total and I felt great until 4 days after my last shot that were on a Friday. I dropped about 3lbs almost overnight from the following Tuesday to Wednesday. My muscles look and feel flat, and I my energy levels fluctuates.

    Did I quit HCG too soon? And should I go back on HCG as I feel less than optimal at the moment?

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    you are supposed to run hCG on cycle not during PCT.
    your PCT should've started 2 weeks after your last shot.
    your PCT dose is too low.
    your PCT should include clomid also.

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