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    PCT workout strategy

    I saw another thread on the subject, but it went off-topic pretty quickly.

    So, what is the best way to workout during PCT? I'm thinking you don't want to breakdown the tissue too much but at the same time you do want to signal that muscles are a still necessary. Also, you don't want to spend more energy then you can provide with food. Am I right?

    So how do those of you who successfully keep your gains during PCT do?

    Right now I'm leaning towards heavy multi-joint excercies to stimulate testosterone production, and skip the isolation excercises not to break down the tissue too much. What's your experience?

    Edit: "you do want to signal that muscles are a still necessary", maybe what you need to do is signal that this amount of muscles is still necessary?
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    I like shorter workouts maybe only a few exercises per bodypart..example today Iam doing chest and it's barbell bench and flys three sets each no drop sets or super sets just get a nice pump let my muscles know they are still there

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