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Thread: First cycle PCT

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    First cycle PCT

    Brand new here and about to run my first cycle (provided my blood results are good)

    I am looking to do an easy cycle to pop my cherry.

    Week 1-10 250ml Test-e

    Even with this low dose I am looking at being very careful with how I run it as side effects are not desirable obviously lol.
    So I have worked out out that I'd like to..

    Week 1-12 12.5mg Aromasin (twice per week)

    Week 13-14 40mg Nolvadex ed - 100mg Clomid ed
    Week 15-16 20mg Nolvadex ed - 50mg Clomid ed

    I know Aromasin doses usually should be taken a lot larger and more frequent but I feel like running it is probably already overkill? Based on the low amount of test I will be taking. I've also been recommended skipping the Aromasin and just crunching up some Nolvadex and taking 1-2mg per day throughout the cycle instead if I'm that worried about side effects.

    I've also heard that maybe I should consider skipping the Aromasin and just keep it "on hand" in case of signs of high estro, and save it/save my money to use it for the next cycle which will be a little more intense.

    I'm posting here mostly looking for opinions on my PCT plan and possibly recommendations on how you would tweak it from more experienced users.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Many people require an ai on trt ,
    250mg per weeks far exceeds most peoples trt dose. It is almost certain that your e2 will be above range at that dose from what ive read.
    Though im sure there will be some people that keep it on hand.

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    Pct should start 4 weeks after last test e shot.

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