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    Pct results so far, give me pointers please

    So Iím about done with pct, ran Nolva and Clomid. 40/20/20. Also just got some HCGenerate, started using that too. Had to end my test e and dbol cycle do to my estrogen was out of whack. I had no libido and couldnít keep erections. Now Iíve been regaining and all, but wondering if you think there is anything else I should do. Have yíall ever heard or uses HCGenerate?

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    Pct results so far, give me pointers please-screenshot_2017-12-20-15-53-39.png

    At $70 a bottle that's a pretty expensive incomplete multi vitamin herbal supplement.

    Your better off ditching it.

    Few reasons other than being 3xtremely over priced, it does contain compounds generally thought to boost test, but that's unfounded. Usually these things boost estrogen and other hormones as well.

    Just do your PCT and ditch this pill.

    Fwiw you can buy a 5000 iu kit of real HCG for $30.

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    ^ I would agree on the HCG front. Though that's best pinned before PCT.
    Since you're already 3 weeks through, HCG has no use this time around.

    HCGenerate is mostly just herbal supplements like Tongcat Ali and Fenugreek. Nothing particularly useful. Very over priced for what you're getting.

    Post PCt, there shouldn't be anything else to do if the PCT was successful. About the only thing I can think to add would be 1g each ED of Choline and Inositol for a month if you want to clear out your liver from the DBol .

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