Hey guys, what up? so, first of all i know i messed up the cycle length and i know it was the worst decision i could have made.
Why i started taking AAS? not sure tbh, i was having decent natural results and i WANT to believe i still can make them after my PCT. I kept cycling because i was too afraid to lose my gains and had some "friends" that said PCT was quite useless and i should B&C and me as a complete uninformed person followed those guys advice.


500mg of Test E from 1 to 10
400mg of Test C from 10 to 20
200mg of Test C from 20 to 26

Had good gains, improved conditioning and could add 10 pounds. from 170 to 180.

When i switched to 200mg i already had in mind comming off so i adjusted my diet to a maitenance mode (3,000 calories consisted off 400CHO 180PTN 75FAT, and i'v pretty much lost 1 pound at best on the 6 weeks run.

Was thinking about something like a slow Reverse Diet.
Would like to know from you guys how much my metabolism is supposed to go down when i get to the "peak" of PCT.

My training consists of UPPER/LOWER with 15 min light cardio where i give focus on my strength, i want to maintain as much as possible while on PCT, any recommendations on this subject? Should i change my split by any means?

Nolva - 40/40/40/40/20/20/20/20
Clomid - not sure if i should use it, been reading alot about its effects
HCG - Stopped its use after last pin, Should i keep it or nah?
VIT E - 1,000 UI
VIT D3 - 2,000UI
Zink - 25mg
VIT C - 2,000mg
Mag - 500mg
O3 - 3 tabs/day

And added 5g of creatine on the mix

I'll be starting PCT after 24 days after my last injection "half-life X 3" taking in consideration CYP

- Should i take bloodwork before PCT starts?
- Should i use an AI?
- Anything else you guys would add? Anything you guys would change?

Sorry for the long Text wall and thanks alot in advance!.