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    Hormone imbalances couple of months after cycle and PCT

    Hi all all the best for 2018

    I ran a tren /test cycle which finished during oct 2017 but my erections and sex drive is very weak. So I had bloods done lastweek and I think I found the culprit.
    My prolactin is higher than what it should be, causing problems with the E2 LH and FSH. So Ive ordered some Caber and nolva to sort of do a reboot PCT.

    any Ideas or suggestions on the dosages and duration to get hormone levels restored??
    E2 122 pmol/L (40-161)
    Total Test 10.1 nmol/L
    SHBG 20.2 nmol/L (11.1 - 78.1)
    FreeT 256 pmol/L (180 - 739)
    FSH 0.8 U/L (1 - 12)
    LH 1.6 U/L (1.8 - 8.2)
    Prolactin 22 ng/ml (3.5 - 19.4)


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    Your test levels are below the standard deviation for a 30 year old male.

    This means you HTPA was not successfully reset after your last attempt at PCT.

    Run another 4-6 week long PCT consisting of both nolva and clomid.

    Then have new labs 6-8 weeks after completing PCT.
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    Good to see you back numbere!
    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelkel View Post
    Good to see you back numbere!
    Nice to be back!!

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

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