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Thread: First Cycle PCT, Need some input! Please help a new member!

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    First Cycle PCT, Need some input! Please help a new member!

    Hey guys,

    This is my first post on here as I am midway through my first cycle. I've been shooting 1cc of Test Prop EOD and have planned for a 6-week cycle. I know not everyone is a huge fan of the 6 week cycle but it is what I think was best for me. Now as the PCT goes I have a few questions. I have accesse to HCG for sure and should have access to nolvadex as well.

    - When should I start HCG? and in what dose?

    -When should i start nolv? and in what does?

    -Is novaldex and hcg a proper PCT for my cycle or do you suggest something else?

    as you can tell im a new so any help/input is greatly appreciated.

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    HCG should have started when the cycle did. If you have immediate access to it just start it now and run it at 250 iu's x 2 per week up until 3 days prior to pct.
    HCG is not run along side serms as it's counter-productive.
    Add clomid to your pct along with the nolva.
    Search up the Successful First Cycle sticky thread at the top of the AAS Q & A Forum and give it a read.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    my "out of the box" opinion . IF you don't plan on trying to get back on cycle again right away, you can just skip the cancer drugs all together (i.e., PCT) and you'll naturally recover just fine after being on only 6 weeks.
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