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Thread: Recurrent Gynae and Morning Depression 4 years after Last Cycle

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    Recurrent Gynae and Morning Depression 4 years after Last Cycle

    Hey guys Iím new to the board but I have a problem I really hope you can help me with.

    Basically im 33 now and has been on steroids on and off since about 22 years old. No crazy doses and always had long periods of off time. Im no where near competitive bodybuilding standards. My last cycle ended about 4 years ago and have been clean since then.

    The only side effect through the years I was on was slight gynaecomastia which goes away pretty easily on its own or with nolvadex . But since I stopped for good, I have been getting recurring episodes of gynae, about 3x a year, each lasting about 1-2 months.

    2 years ago, I started to realise that these episodes coincided with similar periods of Ďmorning depressioní. When it got bad, sleep was disturbed. I got up earlier than normal, heart beating faster and harder, and usually have a very unsettling feeling inside of me, felt lethargic, had red sometimes puffy eyes, could tear like a woman and had no mood to train. These symptoms improve as the day progresses.

    At first when I had these I started using Letrozole , self prescribed. They took off gynae fast but left me feeling like shit. After a while, gynae still came back and I knew something really wasnít right. Went to see an endocrinologist 2 years ago and he put me on some nolvadex. Here are blood work results. The first test w/o nolvadex and the other two after were when treatment started.

    15/3/16 -> 28/3/16 -> 18/4/16

    Total test:
    11.3 -> 10.8 -> 14.6 [7.3-27.4 nmol/l]

    94.9 -> <44 -> 83.1 [44-156 pmol/l]

    8.3 -> 13.3 -> 23.4 [2-10.9 u/l]

    Didnít take -> 18.2 -> 26.6 [1.2 - 8.1 u/l]

    As you can see, test and estrogen are in normal range. THe doctor was reluctant to keep giving me nolvadex and thinks the body should recover by itself and nolvadex might impede recovery.

    Fast forward 2 years, I still get episodes on and off. Gynae is irritating but to feel like shit waking up every morning bothers me much more.

    So my questions are:
    Why am I still getting this even after 4 years of being clean? How long do you think itíll take for my body to Ďfully recoverí?

    What can I do to make myself feel better? Taking St. Johnís and following a targeted keto diet now FYI.

    Should I still take nolvadex when I get gynae?

    Any form of help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Bragging to someone
    any marijuana or alcohol or pain pill usage ?
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    Hi nope none of these.

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    Does anyone have any input on this please?

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