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Thread: Correct dosage for arimedex

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    Correct dosage for arimedex

    Hi guys not new to the gym but have been out due to broken collar bone and separated shoulder for almost a year. Plan on using test e 300 mg week and tren ace 75 eod do I need arimedex for this if so what dosage have some but not sure proper dosage in past have used nolvadex on and clomid for pct. Any info greatly appreciated
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    The only way to know is running labs. At 300 you probably will. My best guess would be to start at .25 mg 2 x ew

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    Get a blood test done first, and check your E2 levels. I would do a .25 EOD or 2x a week.

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    doubtful you will "NEED" arimidex at only 300mg a week of test. unless your really gyno prone or super sensitive to estrogen (which btw is an 'anabolic ' hormone which helps with muscle growth and is not something you want to suppress just for the hell of it)
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