Hi guys I'm a 27 year old I started blasting and cruising when I was 23 years old which consisted of test and tren mainly, the cycle I followed looked roughly like this;

Blast 3-5 months
Test E: 300-400 a week
Tren E: 600-800 a week

Cruise 4 months
Test E: 200-250 a week

I sometimes switched from long esters to short and used clen and t3 during cruises as well as ai's ect, I was inconsistent with hcg and maybe used it for 70 percent of the blast and cruise in total.

I was very uneducated on the matter of steroids and made the decision to blast and cruise very impulsively, which in hindsight I regret.

Now 7 months post 10 day hcg blast followed by a 8 week power PCT I'm suffering low t / high estrogen sides, low sex drive, depression, fatigue and all that nasty stuff.

I recently did some bloods and my t levels came back higher then I was expecting but my e2 is quite high, I'm looking for some advice on the next plan of attack, and peoples opinions on my test levels 7 months post PCT?

Testosterone 13.8 nmol/L
SHBG re-std. 21 nmol/L 15 - 50
Free Testosterone 354 pmol/L 200 - 600
Sensitive estradiol 67 pmol/L 36- 155
LH 1.8