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    Question Older guy w/Elevated E2 after Ostarine cycle

    First, thank you for this great forum. I have used this site a great resource for education. I am 47yo, 165lbs, 6'0" and train Judo and BJJ on a weekly basis for 2 years. I feel I am in great shape but age creeps up on me with aches and pains after hard training sessions. I learned about SARMS from reddit and then ended up finding this forum. As i researched various SARMS, I decided to try Ostarine as my primary goal was recovery and endurance (with minimal side effects). I started Osta on a 20mg ED dose and lasted for 5 wks, nothing else, no AI. diet was good. I was very happy with the Osta results! and would like to try another cycle later this year.

    I have high cholesterol and family history of prostate cancer. So I was very cautious about what I was taking and decided to get lab work to track progress. I was surprised at how suppressive Osta was for me, despite some posts on 'minimal' suppression. My BP was in check the whole time (basically 115/64).

    I am now in my 3rd week of PCT. Based on the research I had done, my PCT cycle consists of:

    - HCGenerate- ED
    - Clomid -16.5mg EOD

    Admittedly, the Clomid dose is light compared to what I have read I should be taking for PCT but, I am cautious plus, after my first dose made me feel slightly dizzy, I decided to stick with the 16.5mg dose. What has me confused/worried at this point is my E2 levels. I do not have any signs of gyno. My libido is fine. I did feel lax late last week for a few days, nothing specific, maybe it was just in my head but just felt off (lack of motivation to train). Below are my labs:

    Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated
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