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    Question Six month cycle pct advice needed

    Hi all

    I am just coming to the end of a six month test e cycle 500mg a week and 8 weeks of var 100mg a day at the end and wanted some advice on pct dosage and whether to use HCG aswel. I have nolva and clomid on hand and was planning on starting three weeks after the last jab. Should I do 4 weeks of SERMs or up it to 8 weeks as it was such a long cycle? And maybe use HCG in the 3 weeks inbetween?

    I appreciate this was a very long cycle and is something I won't be doing again. I also plan on a very long recovery before starting another 8-12 week cycle.

    Any advice would he a massive help


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    This question has been asked 101 times. There is even a sticky on how to do PCT.

    I would strongly recommend in educating yourself before touching gear again so you don't ruin your body for the rest of your life. Read every single sticky, twice.

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