One for the youngsters really. I am 26 and did my first prohormone cycle at 22 against the advice of everyone pretty much. 2 years I did cycles of around 4 week with PCT. My last cycle ended August 2016 at 24. Nearly 20 months later I had some blood work done, not for any symptoms however I wanted to know. The results are as follows:

Total Test: 10.03nMol/L
Estrogen = 68 pmol/L
SHBG = 24.9 nmol/L
Free test = 6.87 ph/mL
Androstenedione 3.4 nmol/L

Overall all are within the Medical range however for a 26 old male there are very shitty, these are normal levels for a 75 Year old.

Although this is the case I dont have an issue with Erections etc however a bit more prone to anxiety. No young person will ever be stopped from taking then if thats what they want to do, but I would say its not worth it but then again I heard all this before I took them.

Is that any advice from more experienced people are there any good private endo's in the UK that people use? Any advice on naturally boosting test a little? I know people will ask for pre-bloods from before cycles but guess what there were none.

I had read about HCG and Novla/Clomid, but doesn't seem right like something you would take after so long, really should have recovery naturally.