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Thread: Did I ruin my hcg protocal?

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    Did I ruin my hcg protocal?

    My cycle was a low dose of 200mg test c 12 weeks
    Ran hcg through out at 500iu per week. Quit at week 12 .
    Now Im reading posts that sugest I should have ran the hcg up to my pct start time? Did I just waist my protocal by not continuing the hcg for the 18 days between my last shot and pct?

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    For those following the 'hcg throughout cycle' protocol the hcg would ideally be run up to right before pct, along with your AI if you were taking one.

    In this case I wouldn't worry about it. Your hcg protocol was not 'wasted' by stopping it two weeks early.

    However, I do question why you would shut yourself down for a 200mg/wk test cycle. That's like a high TRT dose.

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    1st cycle in 5 years. Im an endurance athlete and not looking to get huge.
    Reason for my cycle was because my test scored pretty low 350 . I believe due to tons of cardio.
    200mgs boosted me to just above the upper spectrum. My goal was more endurance and recovery, although I did pack on a good amount of muscle. I felt fine at 350 so no trt for me . Just wanted an edge for a few races. Also apparently im a hyper aromatizer. Just 200mgs boosted my e2 to 84.8 pg/ml 8-35.
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