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    PCT anxiety attack!!!

    Help needed guys

    I finished my first cycle of sust275 and two weeks after my last pin, I started my PCT on 1st July.

    I'm running:

    Clomid 50/50/50/50
    Tamoxifen 25/25/25/25
    Proviron 25/25/25

    Last night I was suddenly woken by an overwhelming worrying feeling that gradually got so bad I was pacing up and down my house worried I was about to have a heart attack

    My whole body tensed up, breathing laboured etc. I've never had an anxiety attack in my whole life!

    This went on from 2am-4am. I got so worried I called NHS24 but they were too busy and I'd fallen asleep exhausted by time they called back at 5am

    Is there anything obvious I'm doing wrong here? Or do I just have to thought his out?

    Thanks in advance

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    Are you still of the steroids ?

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    Try to get A DOCTOR to PRESCRIBE a benzodiazipine, such as Valium, Clonopin, or Xanax

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    Stop the clomid. It can't have a bad reaction for some.

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    Looks like you have decided not the right pct for your steroid cycle. Anxiety might be a symptom of a hormonal disbalance. You should visit a health care professional immediately. Good luck!

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    Personally I wouldn’t use clomid for post cycle. Plenty of research out there suggesting it’s absolutly not required and it has risks which are pretty serious.

    Maybe take a old world antihistamine like phenergan to calm your nerves and relax. As good as a benzo without the addiction or prescription

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