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    Need help with gyno

    Years ago i took a cycle of deca durabolin and roughly a year after i quit the cycle i started experiencing major side effects such as gyno and low testosterone levels . I want to get rid of my man boobs and was considering trying Nolvadex . Would this be effective in getting rid of my seemingly high estrogen levels and man boobs. What would be my best approach on attempting to normal my body out?

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    Once you get it, it's all done with bud, next time you start feeling more sensitive in that area jump on Nolvadex , clomit, there are other options like Arimidex and such, they will prevent it from getting worse, will help you manage water retention, clomid helps lowering cholesterol, so you have options, but once you get it, only solution i know of is going under a knife.

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    It's rare to damn near impossible to get rid of it once you have it. Once you see signs your best bet is to immediately throw the artillery at it. Which is yes, Nolvadex and Letrozole . Other safe medications listed on the gyno reversal sticky in the anabolics lounge.

    From my understanding it's gotta be fresh gyno, like catching it early. The longer it stays on you, it becomes more permanent. The bright side on surgery is once it's gone... It's gone for good. If you flair up with side effects ever again you'll experience everything BUT gyno. The lumps are gone. Some surgeons only require a $500 deposit and then offer financial plans up to 84 months... Cost of surgery depends on severity and several other issues. Like an in house operation is cheaper then scheduling surgery through a hospital. Then you pay hospital bills on top of the surgeons fee. Depending on cost it could be cheaper to fly out to a top and/or recommended surgeon as prices vary not depending on experience. For example Massachusetts is $5000-6500 while Ohio is $3000-5000. HOWEVER. Massachusetts has some of the best doctors on earth... If they schedule surgery in a hospital I believe it's up to $900 to $2000 for occupying space and using materials.

    The only other option which is worth the gamble is. Try reversing it or minimizing it using the gyno reversal guide here. It could take months to a half year but it can work... People claim complete reversal but the only way to know for sure is if a surgeon were to take a knife and examine your chest. What this is means is that it could be possible to reverse gyno down to a point where it isn't a problem. Keep in mind some people claim complete reversal but the only way to know is the knife. Again.... At this point IF it still exists but is so small that it isn't an issue your golden.

    It's not recommended but some cycle guides recommend to start on the highest dose of aromatose inhibitors and cut back based on blood work. It is tedious and effects gains but it can help guarantee that this situation never happens.

    If you take a look around on member pics or even some pictures of Franco Columbo you'll see he has gyno on his right chest. Member pics suggest gyno is common with growth being so hard to look at first glance... Its a non issue... Sometimes

    Hope this helps

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