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    Post Cycle Therapy HELP...Thanks

    Need a little advice as I want to make sure I get my PCT right. I am about done with a 15 week cycle. I was doing test E and Decca stacked Monday and Wed and on Friday Test C…. Halfway through I got off the deca and stacked Winny with the Test E… So just about done and although this is my 4th cycle I still get a little confused with everyone different opinions for PCT.
    I have 20mg Nolvadex and 50mg clomed…So my questions are:

    1. When shall I start and end my PCT since Test E and Winny have different start time(Day after or 2 weeks, etc)?
    2. How may weeks shall I stay on them?
    3. What is a recommended daily-weekly dosage schedule for Clomed and Nolvadex?

    Thanks in advance
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